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Our hair says so much about who we are. It defines others perceptions of us, portrays our moods, and shows our individuality. Throughout mankind, our hair has been known as one of our most valuable commodities. It gives us so much, but in return, we ask a lot of it in return. We curl, blow-dry, iron, dye, re-dye, flatten, mold, shape, dye again, bleach. Chemicals. Chemicals. Chemicals. Even most of our day-to-day shampoos and conditioners are bursting with harsh chemicals, detergents, and words we can’t pronounce. Split ends, damaged strains, thinning hair.

It’s time to go back to our roots.

We created Steam with the notion that hair products should do no harm. In fact, they should do a lot of good. The amount of harmful chemicals in most hair products would shock you. It shocked us. This is why Steam products have been sourced from naturally found oils, herbs, and minerals. We use organic, responsibly farmed ingredients that have been used long before the invention of the curling iron. Switching to Steam is like going from eating processed foods high in corn syrup to eating food made from your farmers market. The difference is that noticeable.