Steam Pure Argan Oil

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  • Steam Pure Argan Oil is pure and unscented, made from 100% Argan Kernel Oil from women-owned organic farming in Morocco. It is our bridge product between our hair and body line since you can use it from head to toe. A few pumps can be applied to hair’s ends then to your hands and body. Try it mixed with some sugar for a face scrub or use it as a carrier oil for a drop or two of your favorite fragrant essential oils mix.

    How To Use: It’s limited only to your imagination! Try it in place of any other oils. Argan oil is known for its deeply healing properties and it is only grown in Morocco.

    Good For: Dry hair, frizzy hair, split ends, colored hair, permed hair, damaged hair, long hair, dry skin, nourishing, hydrating

    Benefits: Will leave your hair feeling smooth and manageable; restores vitality and shine to your hair strands; helps keep your hair color vibrant;  moisturizes skin, hydrates, protects, and balances skin’ natural oils

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